Message from Ken Whittier – Food Service Director

This school year the Bedford School Lunch Program will revert to our pre-pandemic cafeteria process with one big change. All meals at all schools will be free for all students the entire school year. Funding to support school meals was approved during the summer by the state legislature.  State funds will supplement the federal USDA funding that reimburses school districts for nutritious meals provided.  

The process: All students will pick up a meal at the cafeteria service line (no more online ordering) and proceed to the point of sale register station. Students in grade 3-12 will enter their 4-digit pin number and our staff member will record the free meal. Students in grade K-2 will have a pre-printed card available to them, which our staff member will swipe to record the meal. 

Again, there will be no charge to the student for meals. 

The State Department of Education is requiring us to verify all daily meal counts and our point of sale registers are used for this purpose. For this reason, each student is required to use their pin number or card in the cafeteria when picking up a meal.

Student pin numbers for those that have them are still active, students without pin numbers will be assigned numbers and all students will be notified of their pin numbers before the beginning of school. We suggest students memorize their pin number to ensure our service lines move efficiently. Cards for Davis students will be placed in a holder outside of the cafeteria and students will pick up their card on the way to the service line. 

We plan to offer some separate food items for sale in our cafeterias in the near future. These extra items (above and beyond the lunch meal) will require payment from the student account and are separate from the free meals offered through the State.