Bedford High School Parent Association (BHSPA) is a volunteer group of parents and guardians serving the students at Bedford High School. We use donations and sponsorships to organize and support the high school students, faculty, staff and the Bedford High School community, which includes and embraced Bedford residents, Hanscom residents and METCO students and their families.


To encourage, enhance and promote the development of our high school students, to support an inclusive educational and social environment at Bedford High School, and to promote communication among the school, students, families and Bedford community.

What We Do

The BHSPA fundraises to contribute and organize Bedford High School related initiatives, programs, and events. We also send out a daily e-newsletter through the school year to foster communication from BHS and the parent/guardian community.

We annually support a variety of initiatives:

  • History Fair
  • Tenacity Challenge
  • All Night Grad
  • Student Ambassador Program
  • Student Planners
  • Travel Scholarships
  • Spring Musical Sponsorship
  • Community Day Activities
  • Senior Fashion Show
  • Challenge Success speakers and programming
  • Parent coffees and roundtables
  • Appreciation Lunches/Dinners for faculty and staff

Additionally, we fill funding and grant requests for student groups, school departments, and individual faculty. We have purchased water bottle filling stations, printed guidance booklets, purchased art supplies, funded t-shirts, supported speakers, snacks, purchased 10 new outdoor picnic tables, and other furniture and technology used in and around BHS.

We encourage and invite the BHS community to become active in our organization. Please request support through our grant application, to donate to our organization, read the e-news or contact us to volunteer at one of our events or as a committee or board member.


You can read the Bedford Parents Association Bylaws here.