As part of our mission to contribute to different initiatives, programs, and events that impact the students, faculty, staff, and supporting the community at BHS, we have many events that we regularly fund and support. We also invite faculty, student groups, and individuals to submit grant requests for special projects, programs, and tools that will have a positive impact on the BHSPA community.  If you have an idea to propose, please fill out the form below and follow the instructions. 

We always look for and will continue to support programs that have an impact on the whole school community or at least can reach the greatest number of students. However, we tremendously encourage and hope to support more programs, events, and initiatives that foster and support the inclusivity of underrepresented students, especially, black students, indigenous students, students of color, students from immigrant households, handicapped students, LBGTQ+ students, gender-fluid students, low income, METCO and Hanscom families, and students from other underrepresented or misrepresented groups. We believe supporting the efforts and initiatives of and the education about minority groups of students, faculty and staff contribute to our mission to support and improve the entire BHS community and the Bedford community as a whole.