Get dismissed? Please bring a note to the main office in the morning. (or call 781-275-1700) Students will be given a dismissal pass to show the teacher and head right out of class at dismissal time. This helps us to reduce the number of class disruptions.

Call out sick/Absence Line:

  • When calling the absence line please state if your student is ill or not ill. You will get a call from the nurse if you do not state a reason. Please notify the nurse if anyone in your household tests positive for Covid-19
  • Absence Line: (781)918-4561
  • or select #1 from the main menu of (781)275-1700

Find a school supply list? We don’t have school supply lists posted for high school. You will be informed of any supply needs during the first classes by each teacher.

Get a locker? Your Advisor will supply you with a lock. You will select a locker, then your Advisor will record your locker number and combination just in case you forget it. It happens!

Get my Aspen ID? If you need your ID or are having trouble logging in please contact

Find my lost items? The lost and found bin can be found in the student office.

Pick up a dropped off item? Please stop by the student office and look for the student drop off area sign. (Parents/Guardians, please label item your dropping with name) Please note; we do not interrupt classes for drop offs. Please stop by between classes to check for your item.

Find out more about grading and courses? You may find this and many other helpful pieces of information in your Program of Studies found here

Know who to contact for help? (please see page 6)

Get a parking sticker? You will not need a sticker until the end of September. Please fill out the Google Form here and your Assistant Principal will deliver it to your lunch or Advisory. There is no fee for parking at Bedford High School.

Bus Information:

  • Boston METCO Families can register through the METCO office. Bus riding at BHS will return to open seating due to vaccination access for this age group.
  • BHS families can find bus routes and stops posted online and published in the Bedford Citizen, approximately one week before school starts.
  • Bus locations at the end of school: The busses line up from the front of the school back to the student drop off by student parking and the Library. The pick up order begins with the Base busses then busses 1-16 and 33). The METCO bus picks up where it drops off in the morning by student parking and the Library.
  • Late busses run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and pick up at the front of the school by the Cafeteria doors. Late busses depart at 4:05pm.