If you are New to BHS, feel free to contact us with questions at BHSBucsParents@gmail.com.

Look for new student registration information on the Bedford Public School website. In addition, check in with the Registrar for BHS, Nancy Powell, at (781) 275-1700 x 1116  or nancy_powell@bedfordps.org.

To assist in adjusting to BHS, contact your designated Guidance Counselor and student’s teachers via the BHS staff directory.  

Go to the BHS home page to see the Rotating Calendar including recognized partial or full days off due to religious or cultural observations.  

To Do List for Parents/Guardians

SIGN UP FOR THE HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER FOR PARENTS:  The school does not send out the eNews. Rather, our parent association does. During the school year, we send out a daily e-mail of very important dates and deadlines for students and/or parents, including announcements from the school, as well as community messages. This is the best way to know what’s going on at school.  The eNews is an Opt-In program.  You must sign up to get eNews. We only need your email address (no personal name or information.)  You can unsubscribe” button at the bottom of any eNews message.
Add the BHSPA (bhsbucsparents@gmail.com) to your Safe Senders list in your email system.    
FIND OUT ABOUT BHS ATHLETICS & REGISTER TIMELY FOR A SPORT:   Browse the Athletics webpage to learn about sports offerings, get the Athletics Handbook, and more.  Parents/guardians (not the students) are responsible for registering a student for a sport before tryouts.
SUBSCRIBE TO SPORTS SCHEDULES:  You may look up Tryouts and Game Schedules.  On that page, go to the “View Schedule” section on the right of the page, check any sports you’d like to see in detail, and press “View.”  Once you see the schedule, press “Subscribe” in the upper right corner.  You can put the schedule in your computer or phone calendar, and when there are changes to dates, your subscribed calendar will update automatically for you.
FOLLOW YOUR STUDENT’S GRADES:  BHS uses an online class/grade portal called Aspen where you can view your child’s assignments and grades in real-time (as soon as they are posted by a teacher.) Parents will receive the Aspen log-in information at the beginning of the school year, but if not, call the school for help.  
STAY UP TO DATE VIA TWITTER AND FACEBOOK:  Follow the BHS Parent Association (BHSPA) on Twitter and Facebook for the latest bits of information.  We often tweet, post, and share school events and information, as well as info pertaining to other groups and events around Bedford.  You don’t need a Twitter or Facebook account to follow our public pages: 
Our Twitter link:   @BHSBucsParents  
Our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/BedfordHighSchoolParentsAssociation
Our Instagram account:  http://www.instagram.com/BedfordBucsParents