VOTING IS OPEN – BHS School Council Election

Please vote now through ASPEN. To vote, please log in to your ASPEN parent account and click on the blue “New” under “status” in the survey section on the home page (just under recent activity). It takes only a few seconds to vote!

The BHS School Council has openings for one METCO, one Hanscom, and one Bedford-residing parent/guardian. The council still needs a METCO representative, if you are interested in being the METCO representative, please email

Voting will be available through Aspen from 10/3-10/7. Winners will be posted on the BHSPA website 10/11. 

What is the School Council? The role of the School Council is to assist principals by reviewing the school building budget and developing the school improvement plan. Councils’ school improvement plans are submitted to the local school committee for review and approval.

School Council Candidates Bedford Representatives (vote for 1):

Jenny Stewart

My name is Jenny Stewart and I have served on the BHS and JGMS School Councils for the past few years. I have two kids at BHS and one who just finished her time at BHS and is a first year college student. While School Committee is a decision-making group, School Council is more of a problem-solving group looking at the big picture and larger scale challenges in the school (and anticipating future challenges) and suggesting ways to resolve them through brainstorming, research, and talking to others in the community. What I appreciate about my past experience on BHS School Council is the group’s passion to promote, respect, and support academic and emotional success and setting students up to feel confident for a future after BHS. Two efforts of School Council that I’ve been involved in over the past few years were serving on the COVID re-opening team to get kids back into the schools during the pandemic while following state and local guidelines, and instituting an advisory period that aims to improve kids’ connection to the school, to each other and with teachers while also giving a small break during the day. I look forward to the opportunity to serve on the BHS School Council again as some of the challenges of the pandemic have lifted and other deeper issues may still be lingering. Thank you for your consideration.

Nancy Barnes

My name is Nancy Barnes. A resident of Bedford for 11+ years, I have 5 children, 4 of whom have graduated from BHS while the youngest is a freshman. All my kids have been actively involved through the student council, clubs, and sports. I am currently a counselor at a local high school and will graduate with a Masters degree in December. I am very much looking forward to participating on the BHS Advisory Council to give back to our community and help make BHS the best possible experience for our children. Please consider voting for me.

Tatyana Yatsunov
As a Bedford resident and a parent of High School children I believe I will be able to serve my community as a member of BHS School Council. I have a background in education and hold a science degree as well. My goal is to support Bedford High school’s educational long term goals while making sure both, teachers and students, bodies have the best tools and opportunities presently available to maintain high standards for Bedford’s High school education program. Thank you for your time and consideration!

School Council Candidates Hanscom Representatives (vote for 1):

Tanya Scott
Dear School Council Members;
I am a parent of a student at Bedford High School and I reside on Hanscom AFB. I have a Junior at Bedford High School and an Eighth Grader at Austin Prep.
When my daughters started Kindergarten, I volunteered, subbed classes, helped with all events at their school and was involved in the Parent Teacher Organization. I will continue to be involved in their education until they no longer attend school. 
I am very committed to helping improve schools so students are happy and receive a great education. I strongly believe that parent involvement in helping shape the policies and programs of the school, will help create a successful education program as well as a safe environment for students so they will thrive when at school. I am very passionate about each and every hour spent at school being hours well spent. Each student’s health and happiness is important for their success in life and school should always be a place where students look forward to going each day. 
As a member of the School Council, I will help provide the insights on how effective the school is working and provide support for teachers and administrators. 
I am hoping you will consider me for the School Council position at Bedford High School. 
Thank you for your time, service, and consideration.

Jenny Desaulniers

Background: We are a military family new to the district. I am interested in helping by representing Hanscom AFB as a parent representative. I have 2 children in the HS. One in 9th and one in 11th. I am a military veteran myself, and my husband is AD AF assigned to Hanscom. We have moved several times and our biggest concern is always focused on ensuring that our children receive the best educational opportunities. I look forward to advocating and helping to make sure that our military dependents educational needs are being met and helping identify where improvements are needed. Thank you.